To uphold the integrity of the competition and the results, all competitors must abide by the strictest standards of honesty and professional conduct. Any violation of competition rules will result in severe consequences.

The client and the content of the case are not disclosed until the Live Case Presentation at 1:00 PM on Thursday. Any individual with prior knowledge of the case is ineligible to compete. Any team that acquires this information prior to the case presentation will be disqualified.

All important announcements and information will be distributed via email and will be posted on the MBSC website homepage. All students are responsible for checking the email addresses that they provided on the Registration Form. Furthermore, questions submitted to the MBSC Planning Committee will be made publicly available on the MBSC website. Therefore, please check the website frequently for updates.

Presentations should be made using Microsoft PowerPoint in Office. Please note that teams are responsible for verifying that presentations work on Windows computers. Students must email their presentations to by 11:59 PM on Friday. Once submitted, presentations may not be altered. An MBSC representative will have the submitted presentation ready to be opened in the presentation room.


An MBSC representative will be timing the presentations. Teams are asked not to exceed the time limits, and judges are encouraged to take timing into consideration. The representative will display a Time Remaining card during the uninterrupted presentation when there are 5 minutes left and again when there is 1 minute left. During the uninterrupted conclusion, the representative will display a Time Remaining card only when there is 1 minute left.


Teams are expected to conduct any and all necessary research through publicly available resources. Use of publicly accessible (free) resources is welcome. Any sources that require payment for use of source (including JSTOR or Harvard Business Review articles) are prohibited. If you are not sure if a resource is allowed, please ask us. Teams are not allowed to discuss the case with any other competing team.


Participants may not gain assistance in any form from any other person, including, but not limited to, faculty sponsors, professors, parents, friends, or personal contacts of any kind whose ideas are not publicly available (i.e. published online). Participants may not contact any representative or staff of the nonprofit except during the designated Q&A period on Thursday.

Participants may not consult with their team advisors regarding the case at any point during the competition.This year, advisors will be allowed to observe the five teams in their own bracket during the preliminary round. Once lunch comes to a close, advisors may observe the final round and join us for the Awards Banquet.


We will provide preparation rooms for teams while they wait to be judged. Preparation rooms will have computers with internet access available for use. While waiting to present, teams may practice but must be ready to be escorted 5 minutes prior to their presentation time. Room assignments will be provided upon arrival to the presentation site.

Any disputes or reported violations of the competition rules should be brought to the attention of a Co-Director in writing.


For a downloadable version of the competition rules, please click here.



PLEASE NOTE:  The current schedule, format, and rules are subject to modification. All advisors, judges, client representatives, and sponsors will be notified before the case competition of any changes to the format and a final version will be presented to each participant at the beginning of the case competition.


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